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List the botanical gardens in india Ex. Lalbagh?

It has a very good collection of tropical and sub tropical and medicinal plants. 150 different kinds of roses are grown here. The garden also has trees that are over a 100 years old.

The botanical garden is enriched with numerous native and exotic flora of wide ranging diversity, use and interest. This has been achieved by way of introduction; acclimatization and multiplication of plants obtained from various parts of the world since its inception in 1760. Today, nearly 673 genera and 1,854 species of plants are found in Lalbagh. The collection of the plants has made it a veritable treasure house of plants.

Some of the exotic species introduced from different parts of the world include Agathis sp., Amherstia nobilis, Araucaria sp., Averrhoa bilimbi, Bambusa sp., Bixa orellana, Brownea grandiceps, Castanospermum australe, Cola acuminata, Corypha umbraculifera, Couroupita guianensis, Cupressus sp., Eriobotrya japonica, Magnolia sp., Swietenia mahagoni etc. Indigeneous species such as Artocarpus heterophyllus, Bombax ceiba, Butea monosperma, Cassia fistula , Dillenia indica, Ficus sp., Lagerstromia speciosa, Michelia champaca, Mesua ferrea etc., can be seen. In addition, a number of ornamental and economic plant species both of exotic and indigenous origin can be found in Lalbagh.

List the botanical gardens in india Ex. Lalbagh?
Which City ??

Is it possible to visit two universities in one day: Stanford and Berkeley?

My dad is a speed devil, he thinks we can enjoy and look into both universities in one day, i'd like to visit the Botanical Gardens and **** though.

Berkeley tour- 10:00 A.M.

Stanford tour- 3:15 P.M.

can we pull it off and still enjoy the schools?

Is it possible to visit two universities in one day: Stanford and Berkeley?
Whew. Yes, you could look at them in that amount of time. Just a look.

It'll take over an hour to get to Stanford from Berkeley. Factor in traffic, parking and walk times.

I'd say that's a no on botanical gardens.
Reply:Without knowing how long your planned tours will last, it is difficult to give specific advice. University gardens and museums typically close at around 5 PM. So, you might not get to see much of Stanford if you're arriving late in the afternoon.

If you're driving, you'll have to leave Berkeley at 2 PM at the latest (and pray for good traffic on the 101).

Allow some extra time to find parking.


Public transportation will take even longer. You want to leave Berkeley no later than 1:15 PM. And by "leave," I mean you should be on the train at that time.

It'll take 57 minutes on BART to get from Berkeley to Millbrae. And then you'll transfer to Caltrain for an additional 30 minutes to Palo Alto (Stanford). Factoring in the time spent on transfers, it should take a little under two hours.
Reply:Tell the speed demon to take Hwy 280 to Stanford. 101 is a parking lot.
Reply:Probably, you could spend days at each though just to let you know, and they're only about 30 miles apart. (Personally, I prefer the Tree at Stanford.)
Reply:there will be traffic crossing the bridge so you, you probably won't make it.

Nintendo Wii

Field trip!! Zoo or botanical gardens?

which ever has a bar

Field trip!! Zoo or botanical gardens?
botanical gardens

I love to watch the Rhino's breed

Reply:The Zoo go to the Zoo

But stay away from the giraffes because they will eat you.
Reply:Botanical Gardens!! :)
Reply:Botanical gardens.
Reply:i love the zoo!!!! i love to see all the purty animals

Chain Gang Soldier for Life!!!!!!!!
Reply:The zoo! I love animals!
Reply:I want to go to both! ☺ I guess I'll pick the zoo if I have to.

What are your favorite places in the Bronx (restaurants, museums, bars, etc.)?

I love the Botanical Gardens, BX zoo, G Bar, and the Caridad Restaurant in Marble Hill.

What are your favorite places in the Bronx (restaurants, museums, bars, etc.)?
umm fordam road

the bronx zoo (i live 5 mins away from there)

botannical garden of course

the frikking 12 bus... it runs every like 5 seconds and is always crowded lol

yankee stadium duh

co-op city

among many others

i miss living there!!!!
Reply:The Bronx Zoo

Arthur Avenue

City Island
Reply:never been but n pinks is good
Reply:Lots of great Italian restaurants in the Italian neighborhood near the Bot Garden. Orchard Beach is fantastic, but not during the Summer when it is packed.
Reply:Eww...I lived in the Bronx all my life and I don't eat from here...I get all my food from Downtown in the City...

Locations for a surprise picnic in Atlanta?

I am looking for a fun place to have a picnic dinner in Atlanta in February. I think it will be a bit cold to be outside so I'd like to find some place warmer! I've thought of my living room floor or the botanical gardens (closed at night though) but am hoping to get more ideas! Are they any other places you can think of? Please help! Thanks!

Locations for a surprise picnic in Atlanta?
I would say stone mountian is a good place but it is outside. ZOO ATL might be another good place
Reply:you could always go to piedmont park. check the weather before you go! :) have fun!
Reply:centennial olympic park... theres a covered picnic table area..and if it gets too chilly you can just walk inside CNN center, theres a nice food court area with cute little Atlanta souvenir shops. Or buy tickets to the coca cola factory or aquarium and roam around in there, very nice places.
Reply:How about one of the many golf course club houses that you might rent. Most of the private associations would be interested in renting the space especially in February.
Reply:callaway gardens might have something...but most of their stuff is outside i think

Where can i buy a lipstick plant or "chenille" bush ?

recently visited edison/ford estates in fort myers,florida and loved these plants in the botanical gardens. local nurseries dont have them .any ideas?

Where can i buy a lipstick plant or "chenille" bush ?
Reply:the home depot/ lowe's in our area had them during the growing season last year and florist's with greenhouses will often carry them during the summer months
Reply:Please look at my source. It might help you. I'm sure it will.
Reply:a green house, that's where the wife got hers


New York Botanical Gardens...???

How long does a visit to the new york botantical gardens in the Bronx usually take, like how many hours?

Also, is it something really nice and worthwhile to spend the day doing?

New York Botanical Gardens...???
Depending on when you go, the Botanical Gardens is a good place to spend a few hours. And right next to it is the Bronx Zoo, so you can visit that also.
Reply:The good botanical gardens are in Brooklyn. Prospect Park. Its definately worth spending the day.
Reply:It will take all day
Reply:No, I was disappointed when I visited it.